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Bishop Beaudoin recently said he doesn't like the term "social distancing" and I tend to agree. To slow the spread of the COVID19 virus, we are certainly required to be physically distanced, but that doesn't necessarily mean we have to be distanced socially. Facebook has been a great tool for many of us to remain socially connected while remaining quarantined at home. Unfortunately, not all of our brothers and sisters in Christ are able to be connected with technology. Therefore, in an effort to stay connected during this time of physical distancing, St. John is seeking volunteers to call their fellow church members. Volunteers are asked to pray, call, listen, and pray.

1. Pray. Before you make any calls, pray for the families on your list. Pray for their health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. That they remain free of viruses and colds. That they are able to cope with the anxieties and pressures of our physically distanced world. Pray that God may give them the faith to figuratively 'light a candle', and remain hopeful and secure in the presence of Christ.

2. Make 10 phone calls sometime this coming week (we will provide you with a list of folks to call). You can make your calls on your own schedule.

3. You do not need to 'preach' to the people you call, just ask them how they are doing and be willing to listen. As you all know, these are very difficult times, for a host of different reasons. It helps to have a friend that is willing to listen and help process what is going on.

4. Ask if they are getting updates from the church (mail, email, text, FB, etc.). If they are not and they would like to, contact the church office for help getting them on a distribution list.

5. After your phone call (or during if you are comfortable doing it) pray for the families on your list again, including any of the specific concerns that came up in your conversation.

That's it. Pray, call, listen, and pray. Help us stay socially connected while remaining physically distanced. If you are willing to help, reply to the post or send a message (email and text are good too) and we will get you a list of ten names.

We will get through this crisis together, and we will continue to BE the church. We just have to think of new and creative ways to love God and love each other while we can't be together.