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St. John is a friendly small town church.  Our congregation strives to be welcoming and hospitable.  We have two distinct worship times and styles, but both follow the historic liturgical pattern that includes singing hymns/songs, reading from Scripture, hearing the sermon, prayers, sharing God’s peace, and celebrating Holy Communion weekly.  Any baptized Christian regardless of church membership is welcome to commune at St. John. Those not yet baptized or who choose not to commune may still come forward to receive a blessing.

Our parking lot is at the rear of the building (south side; SR 579 being the front).  If you are going to the sanctuary, enter through the glass double doors (near the church office). You will walk down the hallway (we call it the Sunday school hallway) and turn left at the end of the hall into the glass walkway (we call it the cloister).  The entrance to the rear of the sanctuary is up the stairs. 

An elevator is located just inside the glass double doors across from the church office.  You will enter the church building on level 2. The sanctuary is on level 3.  Greeters and ushers are available to answer any questions, assist you in finding your way, and provide you with a worship bulletin.  Feel free to introduce yourself to any of our members. They will be excited to meet you!

Our Sunday worship service generally uses worship settings from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal.  Hymns are sung with organ accompaniment.  Some men wear ties and some women wear dresses, but many people dress "business casual".  The worship service lasts about an hour.  

Our Saturday worship service tends to be less formal.  We sing accompanied by a keyboard and song leaders.  People dress less casual than Sunday morning.  Many are still "business casual", though it is not uncommon to see people in bluejeans, sweatshirts, or t-shirts. Saturday worship lasts about 45 minutes.   

We offer Christian Education (Sunday School) for ages three through adult at 8:30 on Sunday from September through May.