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At the time of death, loved ones are often overwhelmed sadness and grief.  In the midst of that grief, there are a lot of decisions to be reached, plans that need to be made, and details that need to be arranged.  The Pre-Funeral Planning form found below is a way for you to make your wishes known and remove at least some of the burned from loved ones at the time of your own death.

I have heard more than one person say, “I am so glad my mother/father filled out one of those forms.  I wouldn’t have known much or any of this if they hadn’t.  This has made things much easier for me.”  And even a few who lamented, "I have no idea what hymn or scripture readings they would have liked.  I wish they would have written some of that down." or "Things like confirmation or baptism dates are probably writen down in a family Bible somewhere, but I just don't know where to find it."

If you think this would be helpful for you and/or your family, you can fill out the form on this page or follow the link to download and print.  Copies of the form are also available in the church office.

This form may be reviewed and changed at any time.  It will be kept on file in the Pastor's "Confidential" file.  It is not a legal document, but rather an expression of your witness to Jesus Christ and of your wishes and desires at your time of death.

You can download a PDF version of the form here if you would prefer to print it yourself and bring it to the church office.

(include maiden name if applicable)
(indicate home, mobile, etc.)
(approximate is okay if not known, please include location if not St. John)
(approximate is okay if not known, please include location if not St. John)
(usually three are used during the worship service)
(usually three are used during the worship service; Old Testament, New Testament, and Gospel)

You can click here for a list of hymn and scripture suggestions.

(soloists, duets, instrumentalist, etc.)
Suggestions include Building Fund, Endowment Fund, General Memorial Fund, Music Fund, Roof Fund, Scholarship Fund, Youth Fund, or Other.
Do you have
Name and contact information of person who knows where to find information/policy numbers