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Sunday School Suggestion Meeting

Parish Education is requesting feedback and suggestions for Sunday School next year. We'd like to make some changes to make it easier for parents to bring kids to Sunday School, but we want to know what would be best for all of you! Please drop in to our meeting any time between 7-8pm on June 22 to give us ideas and suggestions! This link to the Sunday School suggestions meeting will give you access to the meeting from a laptop, tablet or phone. We look forward to talking with you! If you can't join our meeting, you can also email your feedback and suggestions to

“Jesus said, “Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  – Matthew 19:14 

Jesus lifts up children an example of unquestioning faith. We desire to nurture that faith in our children and in ourselves.  Through our Sunday School program, we seek to help our children grow spiritually, develop a relationship with Jesus as well as their Christian brothers and sisters, and to nurture faith that is built on the Word of God. 

We are offering in-person classes for all ages. 

Preschool through second grade will continue to meet in the classroom in the main hall where they have always met. Third through fifth grade will meet in the first room of the basement. (These ages normally have an opening in the sanctuary)

Catechism classes (grades 6 through 8) will meet in the confirmation room. See the link here for more information.

High School students will meet in the basement kitchen.

Our Adult class is meeting in the Social Hall (upstairs).  They are currently viewing the video series "The Chosen".  This class is open to all.   .

Sunday School at St. John is weekly from the Sunday after Labor Day until the Sunday before Memorial Day (i.e. roughly during the school year).  If you would like to know more about Sunday School at St. John, please contact the church office.