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Baptism is a covenant relationship (sort of like a contract) between God and us. Since most of us were baptized when we were very young, our parents and the congregation entered the covenant agreement for us. That means our parents and the congregation made promises to God on our behalf. Specifically, they promised to bring us to church, teach us the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Bible, and provide for our instruction in the Christian faith.

Therefore, confirmation classes are a time when the church helps parents fulfill the promises they made to God when their child was baptized. During the course of confirmation, students will be taught the things we promised to teach them. The purpose of confirmation classes is to help students (confirmands) grow in their own personal faith, gain a basic understanding of what it means to be a Lutheran Christian, and shore up their faith foundation so that they are prepared to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Confirmation, aka Affirmation of Baptism, is the time when the confirmand will accept responsibility for the promises to God parents made when they were baptized and become an “adult member” of the church.

At St. John, Confirmation is a three-year program, taught in the 6th through 8th grades.  If you would like more information, please contact Pastor O'Brien or the church office.

Forms for Current Confirmation Students

Sermon Notes

The purpose of confirmation is to teach the basics of Lutheran/Christian belief and help students become responsible, active church members.  But becoming a responsible, active church member is not something that can happen only in the classroom.  Therefore, as part of confirmation, each year students are required to turn in notes on 7 different sermons.  The goal is to lead them to a more mature participation and involvement in the worship service.  “Sermon Note” forms are available in the Sunday school class room.  You may also submit a Sermon Note electronically by following this link.

Service Points

Service is another aspect of the Christian life that expands beyond the classroom.  As part of the confirmation program, students must earn 10 service points each year; one point is earned for each hour of community or church work perform.  It must be something you DO NOT get paid for and it must be service to someone outside of your own family.  Again, the goal is to lead students to a more mature participation and involvement in the church.  “Service Points” forms are available in the Sunday school classroom.  You may also submit Service Points electronically by following this link.

Confirmation Program Introduction

Download PDF handout from the September 10, 2023 parent meeting HERE.  

Catechism Class Schedule

Download PDF of the 2023-2024 Catechism Class Schedule for “Year A” HERE. (Dates are subject to change.  Please contact the conformation teacher with questions.)