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Shopping with the Stars - Help bring joy to our neighbors at Luther Home of Mercy.

How? Pick a star from the table located outside the church office or use the attached shopping list and purchase a gift for one of our neighbors at the Luther Home of Mercy. No wrapping is needed! Just place the gift in a shopping bag or a gift bag, attach the star and return it to the church office by Monday, December 4th. Most of the gift items are very inexpensive but bring great joy to the residents of the Luther Home of Mercy. Thank you for helping to bring Christmas JOY to our neighbors at LHM!

Luther Home of Mercy/Shopping with the Stars Needs List

Craft Supplies 
Crayons, washable markers, colored pencils
Coloring books (large pictures)
Word Search and Puzzle Books
Stickers (all sizes)
Simple craft kits

Personal Needs
Body and hand lotion (no sprays/powders)
Shampoo and Conditioner
Essential Oil Diffusers and Calming Essential Oils
Fingernail polish & polish remover
Norelco electric razors
Men's Aftershave and Cologne
Socks (men’s and women’s)

Miscellaneous Items
Wooden Puzzles
Light-Up/Sensory Toys
Stationary, pens, and stamps - Music CDs
Movie DVDs (Disney, Westerns, Super Heroes)
OSU and Michigan Items/Decor
Lunch Boxes
Boxes of Individual Chips/12 Packs of Pop
Bird Feeders and Small Bags of Bird Seed
Lava Lamps or Color Changing Lights

Gift cards 
Restaurants, shopping, bowling, 
Toledo area entertainment

Please do not wrap these gifts. Plastic or gift bags are appreciated. Thank you!